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(Vig-05) - Brake Kit (Standard)

(Vig-05) - Brake Kit (Standard)
(Vig-05) - Brake Kit (Standard)

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£898.80 inc VAT
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(Vig-05) - Brake Kit (Standard)
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Vigilante Brake kit includes all the necessary parts to fit the braking system, All the parts are supplied brand new, except the front brake callipers that are factory reconditioned by a brake supplier.

The Brake discs are supplied with the wheels kit (to allow the wheels to be fitted prior to brake kit).

Kit includes:

Front Brake Callipers ** (2 off)
Rear Brake Callipers NEW (2 off)
Brake Pads (4 sets)
Brake fitting kit's (4 off)
Flexi Brake Hose (4 off)
Handbrake Cables (2 off)
Handbrake Lever (1 off)
Brake cunifer
T Junction (2 off)
Cunifer fittings (pack)
P clips

** The front brake callipers are remanufactured by a brake calliper supplier.