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ActiV8 universal Friction Reducer

ActiV8 universal Friction Reducer
ActiV8 universal Friction Reducer

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ActiV8 universal Friction Reducer
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ActiV8 is an Engine and Gearbox Oil Additive for Increased Performance and Economy.

It is a complex oil based additive that gives metal-to-metal protection under extreme physical conditions. It bonds into the metal surface at above 50 degrees centigrade, creating an extremely low friction surface which is able to withstand excessive pressures and very efficiently dissipates heat.

It works with all commercially available lubricants and contains no solids such as PTFE (Teflon), molybdenum, copper, lead, etc.

It uses chlorinated hydrocarbon technology and, when used as directed, will reduce surface wear and frictional heat, thus reducing metal to metal wear and thereby extending mechanical life.

Blitzworld used ActiV8 oil in the engine on a Blitz 1 that was tested at the Sweetlamb rally stage in Wales. The buggy was modified and reached a top speed of 107mph (not bad for a 650cc engine).

  • 125ml ActiV8 Friction Reducer suitable to do one 1.4cc engine