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Blitz 4x4 (Suzuki SJ) (self Build)

Blitz 4x4 (Suzuki SJ) (self Build)
Blitz 4x4 (Suzuki SJ) (self Build)

£1,695.00 ex VAT
£2,034.00 inc VAT
Availability: No Longer Available

Blitz 4x4 (Suzuki SJ) (self Build)
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This is a Kit-Car For Self Build Only (made in the UK)

To complement the already successful range of Blitz vehicles, we now offer a new model based on the Suzuki SJ Four wheel drive Jeep (Hard or soft top -not the rare LWB, 1983 onwards). This new vehicle is appropriately named the Blitz 4x4. The vehicles structure is an immensely strong M.I.G. welded construction, featuring an integrated roll over bar made from 60mm x 3mm CHS to BS EN 10219-2 steel.


Features of the new Blitz 4x4

The simplest vehicle to assemble in our range. It uses the complete Suzuki chassis retaining the original engine, gearbox, suspension, -petrol tank, exhaust and radiator etc.

It replaces the rust prone Suzuki body, making a highly functional lightweight on-off road vehicle. Rusty Suzuki SJ Jeeps are readily sourced from £l00 - £500.

Provides an economical 970cc or 1324cc unleaded petrol engine, transmission and suspension with inherent Japanese reliability.

As it uses the donor car chassis, it is exempt from the SVA (Single Vehicle Approval) test. Therefore the Blitz 4x4 could not be easier to be made road legal only requiring a standard MOT test, road tax and insurance.

Off road performance is exceptional, being lightweight, having excellent ground clearance a short wheelbase, low ratio gearbox and big tyres.

The Blitz 4x4 must be one of the most economical cars to assemble. Everything from the Suzuki is used e.g. dashboard, front seats, seat belts, pedals, bonnet catch, bonnet hinges, rear light assemblies, front indicator/side light assemblies and steering etc. Apart from a windscreen, mudguards and after market headlights (if required) no other parts are needed from any other vehicle.

We believe the Blitz 4x4 is the best value self-assembly vehicle on the market.

Blitz 4x4 Chassis

Blitz 4x4 dimensions



Blitzworld Blitz 4x4 standard light kit
  • Includes 7" headlamp - front indicators - rear stop/tail indicator - side repeaters, fog lamp & reflectors

  • Wheels - suitable for Road & Off road use
    Side Drive
    Spare Wheel Bracket
    Windscreen Frame
    Light Kit (NEW)
    Fitted Windscreen (NEW)