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23:27 17-Oct-2017

Joyrider Sport
(self build buggy)

Twin seat any engine Road Legal Buggy - Designed & Manufactured in the UK by Blitzworld

joyrider-green-100.jpg Joyrider Sport saxo VTS buggy

The Joyrider Sport Self Build (Kit-Car) buggy offers twin seat layout with a rear mounted engine for maximum grip and handling. The Joyrider Sport is the very latest Road Legal buggy from Blitzworld and has had already some very high performance engines fitted, including the popular Honda Type R, with over 220 bhp, Citroen Saxo VTS (120 bhp), Peugeot 305, Ford Zetec etc.
  • Self build buggy kit 
  • Any Engine car or bike
  • Twin or Single Seat layout
  • Road Legal or off road
Joyrider Sport self build Chassis joyridersport10.jpg  joyrider-8692.jpg joyrider-saxo-1.jpg

The design for the Joyrider is significantly different than the previous KR2 (single seat) and the KR3 (twin seat), with a new rear trailing rear arm system, new improved driver roll bars with extra 2" headroom, new top front suspension units and side nerf bars. We are constantly developing our buggies and through different applications and engines used our vehicles have proved to out last cheap imported vehicles; on reliability (standard parts), structural strength (42mm dia roll cage), ease maintenance (accessability), parts availability (standard car parts available all over the world).

KR2 Road Legal Buggy KR3 road legal buggy joyrider-extreme-1000.jpg
KR2 Buggy (left) - KR3 buggy (centre) - Joyrider Sport (right)

The  Chassis for the Joyrider is very strong to take virtually any engine option from a bike to a large 2L plus car engine.
  • 42mm Diameter tube
  • Front & rear crumple zones
  • Side nurf bars
The Joyrider Sport chassis is made from very strong CDS 1.1/4" Tube, with 40x40x3 box section on the base of the chassis for strength. The frame uses triangular sections for added strength and the drivers section is protected by front and rear crumple zones. The chassis is jigged and argon-mix mig welded for strength. The floor is folded profiled aluminium checker plate. The chassis has build in side rear wheel nurf bars to protect the rear axle hitting objects and thus damaging the drive wheels. For road use we add front and rear bumpers for IVA requirements (see option on chassis selection). We also offer engine covers and guards for the road legal requirements.

joyrider-sport-10.jpg joyrider-sport-13.jpg joyrider-chassis-plan.jpg
Joyrider chassis

We have now integrated into the chassis a metal bonnet and metal bulk head around the hanging pedal box, with side impact driver protection bars with an integral nurf bar built into the chassis side, for driver and passenger safety, this has being approved by the new IVA regulations.

typical Latest (2012) rolling chassis (also available as a kit)

The Joyrider can be built with any engine, but we recommend a car engine over a bike engine as it is more powerful (more torque), cheaper to run, cheaper to fit (no complex gearboxes), and faster. The chart below gives some typical performance figures of a R1 bike against the standard Saxo VTS car engine. The bike final bhp is low due to the vehicle has doubled in weight from the initial weight, as the car weight has halved, thus doubling the performance and reliability.

  Std vehicle spec Joyrider Buggy Spec @ 480kgs approx
 Weight Bhp  Speed Weight Bhp @ 480 kgs Speed Relative Bhp @ Ton
 R1 Bike engine 205 Kgs 157 bhp 185 mph 480 Kgs  71 bhp  approx 110 mph 142 bhp / ton
 Saxo VTS 1.6 16v 935 Kgs  120 bhp  140 mph 480 Kgs 250 bhp approx 160 mph 500 bhp / ton
typical performance figures related to a ton

The Joyrider due to its use of standard car parts is very low maintenance, and repair parts are very easily available from Motor Factor stores.
  • Low maintenance
  • Engine not running to maximum
  • Standard Car engine & box
  • Standard car parts used
  • Parts available all over the world
The Joyrider buggy requires very little maintenance as it uses a standard car engine (if using the saxo VTS) as the engine is more powerful than required and thus the engine is not being pushed to its limit (like some bike engines), we tend to use 2/3 rd, throttle on this engine only, which will still take its 120 bhp engine well over 100 mph with a 0-60 of about 4 seconds. We have found with working with lots of different engines, problems with the existing engines and drive shafts, we now replace all existing engine mounts and build our own captive mounts. We also rebuild the drive shafts using universal joints to give greater articulation that the standard drive shafts.

Typical Maintance 12 Months

 Parts When  Price  Notes 
 Brake Pads set 12 months or 5000 miles £20 full buggy   STD Car pads - Full set front & rear
 Brake discs 12 months or 5000 miles £20 STD Car parts 
 Engine oil 12 Months £20  STD 10/40 engine oil
 Oil Filter 12 Months £6 STD Citrone part
 Air filter 12 Months £  Clean Cone filter

On a typical year testing the Joyrider on some of our 2500 acre extreme tracks (some unnaviagable by 4x4 vehicles) we took the buggy beyond its limit, and we broke a few parts, and hence updated some of the standard car engine parts including engine mounts and drive shafts.

This is the typical maintenance from our own Joyrider buggy in 12 months testing, run on extreme off road tracks.

 Parts Problem  Price  Remedy
 Dip stick tube seal leak old worn out part £22 new Replace part 
 Oil Filter general service part £6 STD car accessories part
 Engine Oil general service part £20 std 10/40 oil
 Relay old worn out part  £5 scrap yard

joyrider-sport-1.jpg joyrider-sport-3.jpg joyrider-sport-140.jpg  
Joyrider Buggy

Features & benefits
The Joyrider buggy can be adapted to many configurations to suit peoples requirements, here is a list of the main benifits of the buggy.

 Engine  Any Engine - factory fitting avilable
  Large engine bay fit upto 3L
  Recomended Saxo VTS 1.6 16v
  Petrol or Diesel
  Manual or automatic
 Performance Rear engine mounted 
  light weight vehicle <> 500kgs
  Power to weight ratio high (saxo vts)
  Standard car engines - reliability
  Limited slip diff available
 Drive Position Right hand drive 
  Left Hand Drive
 Safety Full Intergrated Safety Roll cage
  42mm tube construction
  Front & rear crumple zones
  Disc brakes all round
  Split circuit braking
  4 & 5 Point harness available
  Side nerf bars
  Front & rear fire walls
  Engine cut off - optional
  IVA approved 
  Road Legal - optional 
 Handling Mc Pherson adjustable front suspension
  Coil over front & rear suspension
  12" wheels with ATV tyres available
  13" to 17" car wheels & tyres available

How to order
Below the Joyrider buggy has being spit up into 9 catagories from the basic chassis [STEP 1] to making the buggy road legal [STEP 9]. By following the steps you can build up your buggy as you go. All the steps include sub catagories including options and accessories available.
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(Step 1) Joyrider - Chassis
Step 1 - Joyrider Chassis Chassis The Blitzworld Joyrider chassis is the first step to building the Joyrider Sport buggy, either for road...

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