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Gadget Show (for Channel 5 TV)

Gadget Show (for Channel 5 TV)
Gadget Show (for Channel 5 TV)

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Gadget Show (for Channel 5 TV)
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Blitzworld on the Gadget Show

Click to see preview of this weeks show

See Channel 5 Monday 8:00pm 9 July 2008

Blitzworld were invited down to Warwick for the Channel 5 Gadget show to film their adventure challenge. All four presenters were on set including the new presenter Dallas, who drove our Hammerhead 150cc buggy.

The presenters were assigned vehicles to drive and test for the day, Dallas the new presenter took our Hammerhead 150cc buggy, Suzie took the Electric Quad, Jason took a very small T bone shaped kart and John took the 6 wheel drive Agrocat.

Dallas - Jason - John - Suzie

Filming started at 7:30am, starting with the presenters getting to know their allotted vehicle. Dallas liked the Hammerhead and took to it very quickly. They all did their own piece to camera introducing the vehicle, and then did some test shots.

Once they presenters were use to their vehicles they had a 3 lap race round a purpose built circuit, to test out the ruggedness and speed of the vehicles over the rough ground.

The race was very spectacular with Suzie and John getting a good start and Dallas and Jason close up behind. On the second lap Suzie was still in the lead, with Dallas close up behind, until the last lap where Dallas piped Suzie to the post and won the race.

It was a very good experience seeing how the TV program was made and to meet the presenters who were excellent all day.


Dallas with the Blitzworld Hammerhead 150cc buggy

Jason with the T-Bone kart

John with the 6 wheel drive Agrocat

Suzie with the Electric Quad

The production Crew

The Race

Suzie & John are infront on Lap 1

Dallas passes John, & Suzie is in the lead on lap 2

Dallas going for the overtake on Suzie on Final lap 3