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POLARIS Hammerhead GTS 150cc USA spec Platinum

POLARIS Hammerhead GTS 150cc USA spec Platinum
POLARIS Hammerhead GTS 150cc USA spec Platinum

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£2,995.00 inc VAT
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POLARIS Hammerhead GTS 150cc USA spec Platinum
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NEW Platinum Hammerhead GTS 150cc buggy

USA specification - Left hand drive

Now Owned by Polaris


NOW IN STOCK & Exclusive to Blitzworld

The NEW 2018 Limited Edition POLARIS Hammerhead Platinum GTS 150cc buggy is now in stock. This includes uprated gas suspension, alloy wheels, uprated seat belts and a new graphic design. The buggy still has its characteristic stylish body panels, and its very robust chassis. The buggy runs the popular GY6 engine (used in many buggies and quads). The Platinum edition also has the Blitzworld two critical side bars which strengthen the roof section in the event of a roll over. We also offer a seat modification for smaller people and a tow hitch option for a trailer or flailing mower.


The Platinum Hammerhead 150cc buggy is an off road buggy suitable for kids 12 years and over, (The buggy can be modified and restricted for younger drivers), and is great for tearing around tracks with its nippy GY6 engine. The Platinium buggy offers uprated gas suspension giving a smoother ride.

Updates from GTS Model:

Engine components updates
Added External Oil Cooler
Japanese upgraded Clutch
Manual Choke Carburetor
Upgraded Wiring Management
Reinforced mudguard Brackets
Hammerhead Own Tyres (better grip)
Improved stickers



We offer a Blitzworld seat modification allowing the drivers seat to move about 200mm allowing smaller children to drive the buggy, see options below.

From our own track days, and TV appearance where Dallas, from the Gadget Show drove our Hammerhead buggy on there adventure challenges. The Hammerhead is a durable vehicle on rough ground due to its better chassis construction and suspension set up.

Blitzworld upgraded brush cage with side bars

Blitzworld only sell the POLARIS - Hammerhead "GTS", which is the USA version, (Not the 150GT, which is the cheap Chinese copy). Blitzworld as a manufacturers have the additional side shoulder bars fitted as standard to strengthen the buggy frame in the event of a roll over, and is fitted on the GTS & GTS Platinum USA Models.


 Motor Type: 4 Stroke
 Displacement: 149.6cc
 Cooling: Oil & Fan
 Bore x Stroke (mm): 57.4 x 57.8
 Transmission: Automatic CVT w/reverse
 Power: 7.4kW(10hp) @ 7500rpm
 Torque: 17.6N.m @ 5500rpm
 Front Brakes Double Disc
 Rear Brakes Disc 
 Seat Belt 5 Point Haarness 
 Steering Column Adjustable height 
 Brush Cage Blitzworld side bars for extra strength 
 Length 2160 mm 
 Width 1506 mm
 Height 1458 mm


chinese_flag.png united_kingdom_flag.png

Designed in USA, Made in China, Assembled in UK


Blitzworld seat modification alloys shorter children to drive the buggy. The Blitzworld seat mod moves the seat forward another 100mm allowing a distance of 800mm from the redal to the back of the seat, and return to its original position. The upgrade allows a seat movement of 200mm (standard movement is about 50mm).

Blitzworld are a licenced buggy manufacturer and design and build high end buggies


Blitzworld offer a tow hitch option for pulling a small trailer or light weight mower


Blitzworld also offer a light weight Kids Helmet, this fits from 54mm to 58mm

Please NOTE:
Rogue versions of this buggy are being sold as the 150cc Hammerhead buggy that Blitzworld featured on the Gadget show. Blitzworld are a licenced & Insured Kit Car buggy design / manufacturing company based in the UK. We build / modify and upgrade buggies for safety reasons. The Hammerhead model as featured on the Gadget Show was built and modified by Blitzworld, and is exclusive to Blitzworld.

Blitzworld offer a Full 12 months warranty.

Seat Modification
Tow Ball
Blitzworld Seatbelts