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Joyrider Sport (Rolling Chassis)
Joyrider Sport (Rolling Chassis)
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NEW Joyrider RC (Rolling Chassis)

Twin seat any engine Road Legal Buggy
Designed & Manufactured in the UK by Blitzworld

NEW CHASSIS comming soon..............

The Joyrider RC, is the basic Joyrider rolling chassis giving you a buggy with 4 wheels and your engine fitted. the kit includes; the running gear, trailing arms, suspension, steering column and your engine and gearbox fitted only. From this point you can connect your own drive shafts, gear linkage, radiator piping etc.


Complete Joyrider Chassis Roll Frame (including front facier)
Rear trailing arms
Front suspension
Rear suspension
Running gear (Front hubs & lower arm, Drive axel flange front & rear)
Steering column including rack and fixing bearings.
Your engine mounted*

* Incudes mounting of customers engine & gearbox only