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Joyrider - Compomotive TH3 wheel
Joyrider - Compomotive TH3 wheel
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Joyrider Alloy Wheels

The Compomotive TH3 wheel is available for the Blitzworld range of buggies and virtually all motorsport applications. The wheels are made from heat treated aluminium alloy using CTS technology giving optimum strenght to weight ratio.

The Compomotiv TH3; 15x6, 15x6.5 or 15x7 inch wheel are ideal for the Joyrider buggy (no spacers required), this wheel just bolts directly onto the hub. The TH3 wheels are specially made for Blitzworld with a 8mm offset (standard wheels are 38 to 40mm). This was done on the Joyrider to give max length of drive shaft for Max articulation.


Set of 4 wheels
4 hole - 98 bolting centres (FIAT)