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Tyre Repair Kit
Tyre Repair Kit
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Tyre Repair Liquid

This is a great product that we have used frequently at Blitzworld, to repair on road and off road tyres, especially on track days. The product is injected into the tyre and when the tyre is punctured the pressure forces the liquid out through the hole and solidifies instantly to repair the tyre.


  • No need to remove wheel from vehicle

  • No vulcanising required

  • No re-balancing required

  • No Garage repair costs

  • No waiting

  • Installation

    To apply the liquid, you remove the valve from your tyre with the free valve tool supplied and tip about ¼ of the bottle into the tyre. Re-inflate to required pressure and the tyre will seal.


  • Is the liquid harmful – No the liquid is perfectly safe to handle

  • Can I use it on a tyre with an existing puncture – Yes simply apply via the valve, spin the wheel and re-inflate and it will seal the puncture

  • Is it easy to install – Yes all you need to do is remove the valve from the tyre and insert the liquid, and re inflate