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Spy-Minder remote alarm system
Spy-Minder remote alarm system
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Backup Battery
Sim Card
Mains Adaptor
Spy-Minder K15-40

Exclusive product to Blitzworld

What is Spy-Minder

The Spy-Minder is a 'Patented' remote monitoring device that can be standalone or piggy back onto existing alarm via the bell output, to give you a phone call and text message when the alarm activates.

Is it easy to install

Yes, the Spy-Minder only requires two wires to be connected into an existing alarm, and simply plugged into a standard 240v mains wall socket to power.


Programming of the unit is all done via the mobile phone supplied with the Spy-Minder unit.

Can I use the phone as a normal mobile phone

YES, The unit works using a standard Trium mobile phone that is just plugged into the Spy-Minder unit. The phone is in allways turned OFF until the Spy-Minder is activated (by an existing alarm unit or a directly wired PIR sensor), and turns ON the Trium mobile phone and phones / sends you and other programmed users a message warning you the Spy-Minder has being activated.

Where can Spy-Minder be used

The Spy-Minder unit is perfect security unit for the small lock up or remote garage / shed etc. The Spy-Minder unit can work as a standalone unit or piggy back onto an existing alarm unit. The unit is completely self-contained with an interupt power supply back up battery in the event of a power failure situation.

How much does it cost to run

The Spy-Minder does not have any contract fees with call centres or security companies, it just uses a standard PAY AS YOU GO sim card. The Spy-Minder uses the sim card directly to contact you and upto to 9 other people when an alarm has being activated giving you that piece of mind that your remote garage / shed / lock up is safe.

The system uses a pay as you go sim card and a £10 credit will last up to 1 year, depending on usage.

The Spy-Minder Package includes

  • K15-40 Spy-Minder unit

  • Trium Mobile phone (refurbished)

  • Mobile Phone charger

  • Mains Adaptor 240v

  • Robust Aluminium box

  • Full instruction manual

  • 1 year manufacturers guarantee