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KIT 05 - Wheels & Tyres
KIT 05 - Wheels & Tyres
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The Vigilante ATV wheel package also includes Blitzworlds own high grade Zinc pasifated wheel spacer adaptors, and fixing bolts. The Vigilante design and layout allows the buggy to use standard 12" ATV wheels and tyres, helping to keep costs to a minimum. We find that allot of vehicles use 14" wheels which can be hard to get ATV tyres for, and thus become very expensive.


4 off - Bronco 12" Wheels
2 off - Standard 25x10x12 Block tread 6 ply road legal tyres
2 off - Standard 25x8x12 Block tread 6 ply road legal tyres
4 off - Blitzworld High performance Spacer (made from high grade steel)
16 off - Standard M12 wheel Bolts (fit spacer to buggy)
16 off - Security Cap bolts (bolts wheel to spacer)
1 off - Security Bolt adaptor tool