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(Vig-07) - Ally Pack (Options)
(Vig-07) - Ally Pack (Options)
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Fuel Gauge
Fuel Pump
Pipe work
Due to the any engine options available for the Joyrider, we have developed an aluminium radiator with a water proof SPAL fan fitted as standard which is suitable to cool virtually any engine upto 2 litres.

Aluminium Parts are:

Radiator with Waterproof Fan & mounting frame
Expansion Bottle with overflow & level indicato
Custom built Petrol Tank with swirl pot and baffles
Chequer plate machined Floor

Origional Parts
To keep costs to a minium you can fit the existing radiator and fan from the donor engine, also including the expansion bottle. From our experience if the origional radiator does not have an intergrated expansion bottle, we would recomend the alumin expansion bottle as it has a pressure relief valve built in which drains to ground (and does not spray the engine compartment).

   expansion-bottle.jpg vigilante-petrol-tank.jpg