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KIT 01 - Vigilante Sport Chassis
KIT 01 - Vigilante Sport Chassis
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The Vigilante Sport chassis will virtually take any engine up to 2 litre (beyond this, we find that the power to weight of the vehicle is lost as the vehicle becomes too heavy defeating the object of a light weight buggy). Bike engines can be fitted but a buggy tends to be twice the weight of the origional bike, thus the Honda car engines are light weight, complete with gearbox, parts readily available powerful, and now the buggy is lighter than the origional car.
The 3 standard engines we offer are: 
  • 2 Litre Honda Type-R (from 200 to 250 bhp + Tuned)
  • 2 Litre FORD Zetec R engine (from 130 bhp
  • 1.4 Automatic Honda Engine
Our buggies are constantly updated to meet the latest VOSA requirements for IVA (road legal) and we are constantly testing new products on our Corporate track day buggies at Frodsham, where they are put through their paces.

1 off - Vigilante Sport Chassis
1 off - Front Bulk head
2 off - Rear fire wall panels
1 off - Powder Coating (standard colours only)
1 off - Pack Plastic tube end caps