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Vigilante Off Road Only
Vigilante Off Road Only
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Vigilante - Corporate USE (any engine)

The New Vigilante corporate buggy is available as Factory build or self build depending on budget. For corporate use we have a range of engines available from 1200cc to 2000cc. The 1200cc engines are cheap (used engines cost price about £100), and thus if the engine brakes it not expensive to change.

As most off road buggies are limited to about 45 mph for insurance purposes the 1200cc 80/90 bhp engine is quite adequate. The gearboxes can be manual or automatic and we have a electronic speed sensor to govern the speed of the buggy.

Strength - Fit for purpose

The buggy is made from 42mm dia 4mm thk tube with a full NASCAR type roll cage that has proved its worth on some of our track days. The Diesel corporate buggy is used at Hoverforce in Frodsham in Cheshire where it is put through constant abuse jumping obsticles on a purpose built track. The buggy has full independent suspension with FOX nitrogen damped shocks on the rear.

Click here to see video of buggy in action


The Vigilante is fitted with trailing arm suspension (like a Moto Cross bike) this gives over 12" of rear travel on the rear wheels. The front wheels use a Coil over Mc Pherson Strut, offering a very tight turning circle. The buggy is fitted with standard 12" wheels with block tread tyres to put the grip down.


 Engine  Any engine from 1200cc to 2000cc
 bhp 80 to 220 bhp
 Petrol or Diesel
 Speed can be limited from 10 to 150 mph
 Exhaust Stainless steel straight through (absorbative)
 Fuel Petrol or Diesel
 Tank capacity (6 Gallons) Aluminium Tank
 Tank can be fitted front or rear (optional)
 Cooling Water
 Aluminium Radiator
 Aluminium Expansion Bottle
 Drive Rear wheels - Upgraded drive shafts
 Limited slip diff optional
 Transmission 4 or 5 speed manual with Reverse
 Brakes Disc Brakes all round
 Mechanical handbrake (optional)
 Suspension  Front Adjustable Mcpherson struts - A arm
 Rear Adjustable coil overs - Trailing arm
 Electrics Weather proof conduited wiring loom
 Wheels & Tyres  ATV 25x8x12 Front
 ATV 25x10x12 Rear
 Mudguards Plastic mudguards on all 4 wheels (optional)
 Controls Key start or Push button (optional) 
 Lights Front Headlights (optional)
 Rear stop (optional)
 Seats Bucket seat (different colours available)
 Seat Belts 5 point quick release 3" belts 
 Buggy colour Red - Blue - Black - Green - Grey - Yellow


 Length  3000 mm o/all
 Width 1700 mm o/all
 Height 1570 mm with 12" ATV tyres 
 Ground Clearance 250 mm (10") Lowest point (diff)
 Suspension Travel Rear 450mm (18") adjustable 
 Suspension Travel Front  150mm (6") adjustable
 ATV 12" Wheels  640 dia tyre o/all 
 Weight (unladen) 500 kgs Diesel Engine

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