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KIT 17a - ECU & Engine Loom DTA FORD
KIT 17a - ECU & Engine Loom DTA FORD
Price: £1,500.00 Ex VAT: £1,250.00
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For the 2 litre FORD Zetec-R engine, the origional ecu cannot be used, so we replace the ecu with DTA engine management system which is better than the existing FORD as it can be eaisly modied and diagnosed from your own laptop.
The DTA engine management system comes with base programs that will run the engine, and then can be tuned from this point eaisly. The software for the computer you can download for free.

1 off - DTA ECU only with base map
1 off - Custom made DTA engine loom (just plugs into Blitzworld loom)
1 off - Programming Sofware