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Blitzworld Pedal Box
Blitzworld Pedal Box
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Clutch Type
Clevis pin
Blitzworld Vigilante Pedal Box

Blitzworld have now designed and made our own pedal box which will accommodate cable or hydraulic clutch. It also has a twin pot brake pedal with bias bar fitted. The pedals are machined and fitted with phosphor bronze bushes. The pedal box is made from 5mm side wall plates and 8mm rear plate and is zinc passivated to prevent rusting. The pedal box is very strong and compact, and can be just bolted into position from the top mounts. We have also installed a throttle return spring, to aid cable return.



1 off Hanging Pedal Box
1 off Throttle Pedal
1 off Brake pedal with BIAS bar fitted
1 off Hydraulic or Cable clutch pedal, please select below.
1 off Throttle return spring
Stainless steel pedal retaining pins

(master cylinders not included see options below)