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(VS-20) - IVA test (Standard) (copy)
(VS-20) - IVA test (Standard) (copy)
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IVA test
buggy R
egistration for Road Use

Blitzworld can now take care of the IVA test to allow your Vigilante buggy to be put on the road. Once your build is nearing completion will will set the paperwork in motion, and once a date has been set by Swansea, your buggy needs to be dropped in at our Stoke-on-Trent unit, and we will look over the vehicle and list any initial potential problems to rectify prior to the test.

Blitzworld will take your buggy to the local test station (Derby).

  • You will need to insure your vehicle against the chassis number
  • Pay for 6 or 12 months tax <> £150

The test will take about a day, if any problems are flagges up then they will have to be rectified and the buggy returned for a small retest. Once complete and passed the buggy will be returned to Blitzworld with the relevant documentation.

Once the vehicle has passed its test we will receive the relevant documentation, which then has to be sent off the DVLA centre for the registration number.

Some popular questions asked:

Is there alot of paper work to fill out
Due to the nature of the new tests the paperwork has improved and we will send you out the relavant documentation and guide you through the completion of the paperwork..

What happens if modifications are required
We can carry out any necessary modifications on your behalf to get your buggy through the test, typical modifications are: mudguards / lights / engine guarding / tidying wiring and clipping pipe work etc.

Does the vehicle have to be a Blitzworld vehicle
No, we can now put in for test any vehicle that is designed to go on the road (please call or email for details).

How do it get my vehicle to the test centre
Blitzworld now has a turn key package to MSVA or IVA your buggy. Simply drop off your buggy at Blitzworld (Stoke) and we will take care of the test transporting of your vehicle to and from the test centre. We also offer a pick up service where we can pick up the vehicle from your door and return it when passed.