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(VS-15) - Electrics & Omex (ECU) (copy)
(VS-15) - Electrics & Omex (ECU) (copy)
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Omex Type
Omex Engine Loom
Wiring Loom buggy
Controls / Switches
Electrics & Omex ECU

Blitzworld offer a custom built plug and play wiring loom, that connects into the Omex engine management system, and into your own engine. Your engine can then be, and then be tuned / diagnosed from a laptop computer (software included). The loom will also connect into the Blitzworld Vigilante lighting kit.

We can also build a custom loom to plug into your existing car ECU, but you may require the ECU to be decoded (there are 3rd party companies that will decode most ecu's, please check first).

We can custom built you a complete wiring loom to suit to your car engine. We also build for bike engines, please call for details. Please select from the options below for: standard off road only loom, or a complete IVA approved road legal wiring loom also including immobiliser, speedo and lights kit.

Vigilante Plug & Play wiring Loom

typical example of a Blitzworld custom built wiring loom, see below for details


Omex Engine management system (ECU)

Engine Loom

This connects the engine to the Omex ECU in the engine bay

Wiring Loom

This is the main loom that wires all the lights and switches to the ECU to make the buggy run, this includes

Complete wiring loom
Battery Cables
Alternator cable
LED Flasher unit

Controls & Switches

This includes:

Ignition Barrel & Key
Headlight Switch
Fog Switch
Hazard Switch
Indicator Switch
Battery Warning Light
Brake Warning Light
DC Power socket