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Remote GPS Data Tracker
Remote GPS Data Tracker
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Personnel Vehicle Diagnostic

User Interface

REMOTE is a GSM enabled Black Box and plugs into the existing engine management system of virtually any car. Both driver and vehicle related data is captured from the vehicle’s engine management system and sent via GSM to a website. The REMOTE is great for track cars to capture data or as a security system with GPS tracking or even a fleet management system.

  • Remote Fleet: for fleet managers

  • Remote Driver: for the designated user of the vehicle

  • The system is fully password protected and structured to allow access under supervisory control. Each user can be authorised to access information relevant to their tasks.

    In order to optimise your daily operations Blitzworld / Garddian provides information and services in the following areas:

  • Accumulative mileage

  • Journey and trip reports

  • Maintenance and service planning

  • Vehicle management

  • Vehicle usage - stop reports – idle time

  • Driver profiling

  • Vehicle locating

  • CO2 reports

  • Because our unit is able to access the information directly from the CAN-BUS, additional information is available on certain vehicles such as:

  • Remote vehicle fault diagnosis

  • Monitoring of vehicle speeds

  • Harsh braking

  • Acceleration and deceleration

  • Gear ratios

  • Idle time

  • Throttle usage

  • Fuel usage with refuel event monitor (where available)

  • Driver ID via Dallas keys (optional)

    STD - free added value location service to enhance trips reporting.

    Cell ID - to provide general location, typically within a few kilometres.

    GPS - to provide location within a 100 metres or less.


    The system produces a suite of in-depth reports that are exportable in Excel, CSV or PDF file formats.

    Both fleet managers’ and drivers’ access is password protected.

    Once online users will be able to access their journey logs, to assist them with business mileage and expense reporting, taking the guesswork out of reimbursement claims and tax returns.

    Examples of Reports:

    Journey log with location and mileage
    Driver profiling capturing data on the style of driving to enable risk assessment
    Vehicle utilisation report
    Vehicle idle report
    Tracking history file (optional)
    Position on request (optional)
    Vehicle fault report including vehicle specific and generic fault codes ( vehicles vary)
    Service due report based on mileage, time or vehicle faults
    Stop report confirming location and time
    CO2 emissions report

    Blitzworld in association with Garddian will support bespoke developments where requested