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Howie - Tow Hitch
Howie - Tow Hitch
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Howie Tow Hitch

Now available with wired in electrics for towing

This is a great way of moving you howie buggy around, without the need for a cumbersom heavy trailer. The Blitzworld factory made tow hitch simply bolts onto the underside of your Howie buggy and it can then be placed on your tow bar like a trailer.

The Howie tows best with the standard diff (fitted as standard on all Blitzworld Howies), but you can still pull the howie with a locked back diff but it is recomended that you use a spare set of tyres for towing.


Kit Includes:

  • Tow Frame including standard ball tow hitch

  • 2 x Fixing brackets

  • Fixing bolts

  • Note:

    Tow hitch suitable for tow ball minium height 300mm, if your hitch is higher or lower please call and we can make to hitch to suit.