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KIT 16a - Fuel System FORD
KIT 16a - Fuel System FORD
Price: £1,020.00 Ex VAT: £850.00
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The Vigilante Fuel Kit is suitable for all engines from 900cc to 2000cc +. The kit includes the fuel tank which is fitted at the front of the buggy for weight, and no source of ignition. The fuel rail bolts onto the rear of the steering column and has a pre gauze filter and a high pressure filter after the fuel pump.


1 off - Aluminium Petrol Tank with swirl pot and baffles
1 off - Petrol Tank Breather with hose & clips
1 off - VDO Fuel Gauge
1 off - Gauze Filter
1 off - Puel Pump 3.5 Bar standard
1 off - High Pressure Filter
1 off - Fixing plate
1 off - 1/2" fuel Hose to pump
7 off - 8mm Dia I/D Fuel Hose
1 off - Fixing Bolt pack