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KIT 18a - Plug In Electrics
KIT 18a - Plug In Electrics
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On most buggies the elctrics on a vehicle are the worst. To solve this problem we have developed a standard electrics that are plug and play. This Box sits at the front of the buggy in a sealed waterproof box under the bonnet. The box contains the main fuses and relays to work the buggy electrics. This box feeds to the rear of the buggy with a plug in cable to another box containing the ECU, and then spurs off to the rear lights etc. 

1 off - Main Front control box
1 off - Firewall ECU control box
1 off - Control box looms
1 off - Kozo Electronic Dash
1 off - Vigilante plug in Dash control Panel
1 off - 12v Battery