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KIT 08b - Engine Installation CUSTOM
KIT 08b - Engine Installation CUSTOM
Price: £834.00 Ex VAT: £695.00
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For None standard engines to our 3 standard (see KIT 8a) we can custom fit virtually any engine into the Vigilante due to its multi engine bay design. We can fit from a bike engine to a 2 litre plus turbo charged engine. Beyond 2 litre the power to weight is lost and thus does not really benifit the buggy.
For custom engine fitments, just drop your engine and box at Blitzworld and we will do the installation. 
3 off - Lazer cut Engine mounts
10 off - Poly Bush Mounts
5 off - M14 Poly bush Spacer Tubes
5 off - M14 Chassis Fixing Bolts
1 off - Fitting & Labour