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KIT 07c - Honda Automatic engine
Price: £1,800.00 Ex VAT: £1,500.00
Availability: In stock
The Automatic Honda engine offers a great press and go OFF road buggy. The Honda automatic engine is very well made and parts are readily available due to the amount of automatics on the road, and thus there are lots of car accessories suppliers for parts.
The engine is light weight and offers about 90 bhp standard. On this engine we use the existing engine ECU and wiring loom.
USED engine & Box
1 off - Honda Automatic 1400cc engine (low milage)
1 off - Engine Manifold
1 off - Engine Loom
1 off - Automatic Gearbox
1 off - NEW Clutch
2 off - Drive Shafts
1 off - Lamber sensor