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Petrol Tank (Twin)
Petrol Tank (Twin)
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The Blitz KR2 has the petrol tanks situated in mid chassis, this helps stability of the buggy at high speed. A single tank is suitable for off road use where as the twin petrol tank system is purposely designed for road use to give greater distances before fill ups.
The 2 tanks hold 2 gallons each and are good for over 100 miles (when driven economically - Steve will probably never prove this himself). They are made of aluminium with quick release filler caps and have an integral balance system that automatically delivers the fuel to the draw off fuel pump situated on the OFF-SIDE of the buggy. They are also fitted with a roll valve to prevent petrol leaking out of the tanks in the event of a roll over.
The dual tank system also allows the buggy to be filled from the left or right hand side at the petrol station.

Petrol tanks are supplied with pipes and fittings to engine

Kit Supplied:
  • 2 off 2 gallon Aluminium Tanks

  • 2 off quick release filler caps

  • Roll Over cut off valve

  • fuel hoses