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6 - Wormhough Punch Challange & Trials 7 -9 November 2008
6 - Wormhough Punch Challange & Trials 7 -9 November 2008
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Wormhough Bomfire weekend 8-9 November 2008

Another very muddy weekend which went very well. The first day we did a punch challenge where 20 markers were hidden around the site and you had to find the punches and get the buggy close enough to the punch to punch it. The challenge required stratergy and carefull planning, and 3 teams were set depending on buggy and experience.

On the Saturday night Wormhough put on a bonfire which was very impressive, a few pallets would have being good, but 3 lorry loads was impressive.....

On Sunday we did a Trails event and invited an experienced landrover driver to also drive our course.... the buggies did just fine, but the landrover did lack a bit of grip!

Saturday Night

Wormhough Bomfire on Saturday night

Everyone chilling out in the hut


Darren always proud of the looks of his buggy

Julian tackling the Trials track

Julian Coping with the steering

Julian parking up for the night

Little James putting the Traveller RRi through its paces

James completing a clear round.... Well Done