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Joyrider - Trailing Arm
Joyrider - Trailing Arm
Price: £594.00 Ex VAT: £495.00
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The Joyrider trailing arm unit is very stron made from 80x40x6 mm box with a 30mm profiles plate welded to support two lugs, which bolts directly onto the Joyrider chassis via four lugs welded to the frame. The arms are supplied complete with, bushed, pins, bolts, bearing and wheel hub flange.


  • Trailing arms 2 off

  • Suspension location pin

  • Polly bush bearings

  • M14 location tube 2 off

  • M14 Bolts + nylock nuts & washers

  • Bearings 2 off

  • Hub Face (FIAT) 98mm bolting centres (reclaimed part)

  • Fiat wheel bolts 4 off (reclaimed part)