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Joyrider - Custom built wiring Loom

Joyrider - Custom built wiring Loom
Joyrider - Custom built wiring Loom

£395.00 ex VAT
£474.00 inc VAT
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Joyrider - Custom built wiring Loom
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Joyrider custom built wiring loom, we can custom built you a complte wiring loom to suit to your car engine. We also build for bike engines, please call for details. Please select from the options below for: standard off road only loom, or a complete IVA approved road legal wiring loom also including Imobilizer, speedo and lights kit.

Road legal (IVA) loom spec also includes:

wow_key_fob.jpg joyrider-control-3.jpg wowdashpod2.jpg
imobilizer (IVA), control switch unit (keys), Dashpod (speedo)

joyrider-rear-light-cluster.jpg headlights-5-34-inch.jpg indicator.jpg joyrider-side-repeaters-smo.jpg numberplatelight.jpg
Rear lights, headlights, indicators, side repeaters, no plate light.

please select from options below for loom type:
Off Road or On Road