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Joyrider -Road Legal Wiring Loom

Joyrider -Road Legal Wiring Loom
Joyrider -Road Legal Wiring Loom

£750.00 ex VAT
£900.00 inc VAT
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Joyrider -Road Legal Wiring Loom
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Joyrider Road Legal Wiring Loom

Custom Built NEW Loom

The Joyrider custom built wiring loom, is a complete wiring loom made to suit to your buggy and engine. (we also build for bike engines, please call for details). Richard from World Of Wiring will completly make the complete loom from scratch. Richard will use a few wires from the engine loom but will make new switches control units and fues boxes as required. We have found from experience that using the existing loom is not water proof enough and thus fails as the existing loom is not designed to go off road.

We can make a loom to fit virtually any engine, that will just plug into the buggy. On some engines the ECU may have to be remapped to take out some of the existing codes as some compomnets are now missing (not required), as the ECU will look for them and if it cannot find them, then the buggy will not start.

ECU remapping can cost anything from £100 to £300 depending on the engine.

The Road legal loom includes:

Complete custom made loom
Control Boxes
Fueses and Relays
Dashpod display
Indicator units
Switches etc.
Imobilizer Key fob operated (NEW none contact Imobilizer out 2013)

wow_key_fob.jpg joyrider-control-3.jpg wowdashpod2.jpg rev  - fog
imobilizer (IVA), control switch unit (keys), Dashpod (speedo)

See options below for different light configurations available.


Basic Light Kit
Std Rear Light Cluster headlights-5-34-inch.jpg Front indicators Side Repeater numberplate light
Rear lights, headlights, indicators, side repeaters, no plate light.

Joyrider KR2 Light Kit

Light Kit
ECU Re-mapping