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Joyrider - Engine Fitting

Joyrider - Engine Fitting
Joyrider - Engine Fitting

£250.00 ex VAT
£300.00 inc VAT
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Joyrider - Engine Fitting
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Joyrider Engine Fitting

We can fit any engine into the Joyrider buggy from a bike engine upto a 2L car engine, petrol or diesel (2L is the max recomended size for the Joyrider buggy).

Car engines

We fit the Fiat seicento or cinquento engines, 900cc & 1100cc as standard and keep complete donor cars in stock. If you want to use a different engine please supply your engine to us complete with; engine, gearbox, mounts and drive shafts. We will then mount your engine into the buggy and set up the drive shafts to suit. We charge just £175 to cut and join you shafts onto existing Fiat shafts.

Bike Engines

We also fit bike engines into the Joyrider buggy, we have had a R1 and a Fireblade engine mounted into the KR3 / Joyrider buggy range.

Drive shaft modification