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Joyrider - Road Legal plug in wiring Loom

Joyrider - Road Legal plug in wiring Loom
Joyrider - Road Legal plug in wiring Loom

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Joyrider - Road Legal plug in wiring Loom
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Plug in wiring loom

The Joyrider Factory made, custom built road legal wiring loom, is supplied in 4 parts (see table below). The wiring Loom is custom made to suit your engine and lights configuration on your buggy. We remove the origional engine loom (the one that connects to the ECU) and modify some connectors, and then we re make the rest of the loom including fuse box and relays, switches and warning lights, all brand new.


The finished custom loom is supplied labled ready to plug into your engine and lights.

Loom features
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 Wiring loom parts
 1 Front Loom Connects the fuse boxes & controls to main spine loom 
 1 Spine Loom Connects the front loom to the rear Bulk head loom - goes under chassis to the rear of the buggy
 1 Bulk Head Loom This connects the Spine loom to the ecu and the engine wiring loom
 1 Engine Loom This is taken off the donor engine and modified to suit the bulk head loom.
 1 Switch box  Main control - front of buggy includes - warning lights, horn, Fuel gauge, Key, etc. 
 1 Fuse Box Main fueses and relays box positioned at front of buggy. 
 1 ECU box The ECU is protected in an ABS box fitted on the rear fire wall of the buggy in the engine bay.  
 1 Immobilizer  Due to new IVA regulations the loom is fitted with an immobilizer circuit with Key fob control.

ECU Mapping
On some ECU's they need to be re-mapped to take out security devices that were fitted to the origional vehicle but are changed on fitting on a buggy. Some ECU's have chipped keys that only work in a certain lock. We remove all this programming and install our own security settings.

Dashpod Display
The wiring loom does not include the dashpod display. We do not use the existing dashpod display as they are not waterproof and can some times be hard to re calibrate to a new wheel size. Please click onto [dashpod] option below for more details.
ECU mapping
Dashpod Display