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Joyrider Sport (Self Build Kit)

Joyrider Sport (Self Build Kit)
Joyrider Sport (Self Build Kit)

Availability: New kits out soon

Joyrider Sport (Self Build Kit)
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Joyrider Sport (Chassis Kit)
Twin seat any engine Road Legal Buggy
Designed & Manufactured in the UK by Blitzworld

The Joyrider Sport rolling chassis is and off road buggy that can also be made road legal. The rolling chassis gives you a base vehicle to put virtually any engine into. Blitzworld now offer a FREE engine fitting service.
joyrider-sport-4.jpg joyrider-sport-3.jpg

Click on film strip to see Joyrider Sport going Vertical.

NEW Joyrider Sport rolling chassis, complete with wheels, tyres seats and more.

Click here to see Kit Car Magazine Joyrider Sport article.


joyrider-parked-back.jpg joyridersport100.jpg
Picture showing finished Joyrider Sport buggy

Blitzworld offer two versons of the Joyrider Sport buggy. (1) - a rolling  chassis detailed on this page for 'self build', or  (2) the Joyrider Sport 'Factory Built' to order by Blitzworld.

The Joyrider Sport offers twin seat layout with the engine mid mounted for maximum handling. The buggy has custom built adjustable independent coil over suspension on the rear, with a custom built coil over Mc Pherson strut on the front giving a very tight turning circle.

The NEW 2011 Joyrider Sport is the very latest Road Legal buggy from Blitzworld, which will take virtually any engine. It has had already some very high performance engines fitted, including the popular Honda Type R, with over 220 bhp, Citroen Saxo VTR, Peugeot 305, Ford Zetec etc. Blitzworld offer a factory engine fitting service, where we will fit your engine, radiator & expansion bottle included in the price, or you can fit your own engine if you prefer.

The buggy has being very popular with the Corporate market due to its ruggedness and integrated FULL roll cage.


Joyrider sport ground clearance

Any engine from: 900cc to 2000cc +
Bike or car engine
Petrol or Diesel

CDS or HFS tube 42mm dia 4mm wall
Argon Co2 mig welded (coded)
4mm thk aluminium checker plate floor
Twin or single seat layout
Left or Right hand drive

McPherson Strut adjustable front suspension
Coil over adjustable rear suspension
Discs all round
Wheels 12" to 17"
Tyres 12" ATV to 17" car

Front & Rear crumple zones
Side nerf bars
Integrated roll cage
Rear engine fire wall
Engine cut off
Split circuit braking system
4 or 5 Strap race harness
Hydraulic handbrake - OFF road ONLY
Cable Handbrake - ON Road

Insurance approved from £140 (based on 1.4 engine)
SVA & IVA approved

Rolling Chassis
The design for the Joyrider is significantly different than the previouse KR3 with a new trailing rear arm system, new improved driver roll bars, new top front suspension unit and side nerf bars.
Joyrider Sport (left)     KR3 buggy (right)

From our regular testing at track days we have developed the Joyrider Sport and we have kept the chassis design updated to include the latest IVA regulations for road use.
The Joyrider chassis is made from very strong CDS 1.1/4" Tube, with 40x40x3 box section on the base of the chassis for strength. The floor is folded profiled aluminium checker plate. The road legal Joyrider has front and rear bumpers for IVA requirements (see option on chassis selection).

Joyrider chassis supplied bare metal (NOT painted)

joyrider-sport-13.jpg  joyrider-sport-12.jpg
Joyrider front metal formed bonnet                                  Joyrider pedal box recess - floor or hanging available

Joyrider Chassis showing mounting brackets for Fiat Punto Engine.

We have now integrated into the chassis a metal bonnet and metal bulk head around the hanging pedal box, with side impact driver protection bars with an integral nurf bar built into the chassis side, for driver and passenger safety, this has being approved by the new IVA regulations.

joyrider-sport-110.jpg joyrider-sport-100.jpg

Chassis features
Joyrider twin seat MIG welded 1.1.4" CDS tubular chassis
Trailing rear arm suspension
Large engine bay
Metal formed integral front Bonnet
Front Bulk head protection from wheels
Rear fire wall
Front & rear bumpers are fitted as standard on all road legal buggies

Engine options (NEW MAY 2011)


The Joyrider Sport offers more engine options than before due to a larger engine bay and trailing arm suspension layout. We recommend up to a two litre engine, petrol or diesel, car or bike.

We now are offering due to new developments on the Joyrider, a FREE engine fitting service. We will fit your own Engine, Radiator,Expansion bottle, connect the drive shafts, and fit the fuel pump** . This just leaves you to connect the gear linkage, pipe up the radiator and re-connect the wiring loom.
Just supply us with your engine, gearbox, radiator, expansion bottle & fuel pump, and will will fit them for you.

**(your engine is to be supplied to Blitzworld stripped and ready to mount - please call for details 01782 208050)

(2.1) Blitzworld FREE Engine fitting - NEW 2011

typical Fiat Cinquecento engine factory fitted into Joyrider Chassis

(2.2) Fitting your own engine.
If you are feeling confident and have welding facilities to hand you can fit your own engine, will will give you guide to how to fit the engine into the chassis, and we can sort out your drive shafts to lengthen them to suit.

(2.3) Donor car stripping.
If you dont fance stripping a donor car for the engine that you require, you can send Blitzworld the complete car and we will strip the necessary parts required and then scrap the body shell. There is a charge for this service, see options at the bottom of this page.

damaged-car.jpg  to  joyrider-8692.jpg
Donor car (damaged or not)                                              Finished buggy          

Putting the Joyrider on the Road
If you want to put your Joyrider buggy on the road you will need to put the buggy through an IVA test, (this is a goverment run test that checks all kit Cars are road worthy). There are IVA centres all over the country where you can take your buggy. Once your buggy is built and running you will need to fill out the necessary paperwork and book your buggy in for the IVA test. The test fee is about £450. The test centre will look over the vehicle and make a list of any modifications required, which once rectified the vehicle can be returned for a re-test and then passed for road use.

To make this process eaiser we have made a road legal kit for the buggy to help with the IVA test. This kit includes the main items required for IVA including light kit, mirrors, mudguards etc. Blitzworld also offer an IVA testing service, where we will get your buggy through IVA on your behalf and do any modifications required by the test station.

Once the buggy has passed the IVA, it will go for a MOT, and then it can be registered, taxed & insured. It will be issued with a new plate if all components are new (you are allowed one second hand part - usually the engine) or on an age related plate is issued. It is a good idea to keep the registration documents to the donor engine used.

joyrider-stuntworld5.jpg joyrider-stuntworld4.jpg
Stuntworld trying out the Joyrider Sport

IVA test costs about £450, then NO MOT for 3 years
Fully Comprehensive Insurance (using Punto 1.2 engine) is about £160
Road Tax (12 months) cost about £120.00

Building the Joyrider Sport - What's required

Due to the popularity of the NEW Joyrider Sport and TV work we have updated the build kit to suit the different engines available.
To build the Joyrider you can now just simply supply Blitzworld with an engine and components i.e. (engine, gearbox, fuel pump, radiator, expansion bottle, and battery) and we will fit and mount them to the chassis and connect up the drive shafts. Alternativley if you dont fancy stripping a donor car, you can get the donor car dropped off at Blitzworld and we will strip the car for you (there is a charge for donor car dismantling).

The finished Joyrider buggy kit is supplied from our unit assembled (see list below):

Parts Factory fitted

 no.  Parts fitted & mounted
 1 Fully Welded Joyrider Chassis 
 2 Trailing arms fitted
 3 Engine & gear box mounted
 4 Drive shafts connected
 5 Radiator mounted & fitted
 6 Expansion Bottle mounted & fitted
 7 Battery Mount fitted (to suit your battery)
 8 Petrol Tank & fuel pump fitted
 9 Aluminium Floor fitted
 10 Front steering rack & column fitted
 11 Front suspension arms fitted
 12 Front Suspension struts fitted
 13 Rear suspension struts fitted
 14 Wheels & Tyres  fitted

Main Jobs required - TO DO

 No.   Job
 1 Re-connect the wiring loom
 2 Pipe up radiator
 3 Connect gearlinkage
 4 Fit the brake pipes
 5 Connect the clutch cable or hydraulic clutch pipes
 6 Connect the accelorator cable.
 7 Fit exhaust

Joyrider Sport typical build costs 2011

Due to TV exposure and new developments on the Joyrider we are now offering an extensive buggy package including any engine fitment included in the price.

The Joyrider Sport offers many build options. You can buy just the bare chassis from £1495 up to a fully factory built buggy for off road or road use.

joyrider-sport-130.jpg joyrider-sport-140.jpg

The table below gives a break down of the different build steps available and prices.

Joyrider prices.

 Step Item Description Price Notes
 1  Chassis (1.1) Off road
 (1.2) Road Legal
 Rolling chassis off road use
 Rolling chassis with front & rear bumpers for Road use
 2 Engine (2.1) Factory Fit
 (2.2) Self Fit
 (2.3) Donor Strip
 Factory fitted customers engine
 Customer fit own engine
 Blitzworld will strip your donor car for you.
 3 Wiring
 (3.1) Customer Fit
 (3.2) Off Road.
 (3.3) Road Legal.
 Customer re-fit donor car wiring loom.
 Blitzworld factory built off road loom only.
 Blitzworld factory built road legal loom only.

If you want to make your own customised Joyrider chassis you can just click onto the individual icons (see icons below) and add them individually to the basket option and create you own quote. The basket option allows you to view all the items and print them off with a total amount, (this does not create an order untill you click [proceed to checkout], and entre your details, thus you can EXIT at any time).

Tips - How to do your own quote
This page allows you to work out your own chassis quote, by just clicking on the icons of the parts you require below and adding them to your basket.
Form the (View Basket) menu (on the right hand side of the page) you can view all the items you have selected and print this off giving you a total price.
At any point you can Exit without making an order.

Build Steps 1, 2 & 3.

Due to popular demand we have now made the Joyrider Sport rolling chassis as a complete kit, which gives a virtually a complete buggy excluding engine and wiring loom. The contents of the rolling chassis kit are itermised below. The rolling chassis price and other kits are package deals and can be modified to suit your requirements. If you do not require something that is in the kit please call us for a quote, or click on the icons below and make your own quote using the shopping basket function. (the shopping basket does not create an order unless you select [proceed to checkout], and enter your details).

Joyrider Build Kit - Includes:

(1) Joyrider Sport - Rolling Chassis NEW 2011

1.1 - Rolling Chassis, below is a list of all the parts included in the rolling chassis kit. You can click onto the individual icons for more information.

joyrider-sport-4.jpg joyrider-sport-3.jpg
Joyrider Sport Rolling chassis (alloy wheels not included).

Kit includes.
joyrider-sport-10.jpg joyridertrailingarm-icon1.jpg joyridermcphersonstrut-icon.jpg coiloverstrut-icon1.jpg joyriderallyflooricon.jpg joyrider-14-steel-wheel.jpg block_tread_14_inch_tyre.jpg kr3-steeringcolumnbearing.jpg
howieblueseats.jpg seatbelt-single-howie.jpg petroltanksteelkr3.jpg hanging-pedal-box.jpg joyrider-o-road-buggy.jpg joyrider-fiat-disc.jpg joyrider-clutch-cable-4.jpg joyrider-throttle-cable.jpg
Donor parts included
joyrider-lower-arm.jpg fiat-hub.jpg joyrider-drive-shaft-ends.jpg joyrider-brake-caliper.jpg joyrider-steering-rack.jpg joyrider-steering-wheel-fia.jpg
 TipsYou can click onto the icons for more information, and create your own rolling chassis kit.

 No. Description 
 1 Joyrider Chassis
 1 Joyrider trailing arm complete with bearings & hub
 2 Fully adjustable McPherson Front suspension Struts & springs
 1  Aluminium checker plate floor
 4 14" Steel Wheels (USED)
 4 14" 4x4 tyres (NEW)
 2 Vynile seats (different colours available) 
 2 Four Strap Seatbelts with Standard car buckel.
 1 Aluminium Petrol Tank (7 gallons) X Litres.
 1 Hanging Pedal Box (hydraulic or cable clutch
 1 Brake pipe Kit & cylinders
 4 Brake discs
 1 Clutch Cable
 1 Throttle Cable
 1 Donor kit includes (used parts from a donor car)
 2 - Lower arms
 2 - Cleats to lower arm
 2 - Front hub
 2 - Drive shaft ends (for front hubs)
 2 - Brake calipers
 1 - Steering Rack
 1 - Steering column
 1 - Steering wheel

1.2 - Rolling Chassis, road legal, also includes the above plus front and rear bumpers for IVA testing.

Options & Accessories

Factory Built wiring Loom

Blitzworld offer a custom made factory built wiring looms to suit your engine, for off or on road use, and IVA complient. The off road loom is a basic loom with only the minimum parts required. The Full IVA road legal loom also includes, Imobilizer, Speedo, and full lights kit, (click on icon below for more details).

click on icon above for more info.

Joyrider IVA Lights Kit

We offer a IVA compatable lights kit for the Joyrider buggy for Road use, the kit includes: 

joyrider-rear-light-cluster.jpg headlights-5-34-inch.jpg indicator.jpg joyrider-side-repeaters-smo.jpg numberplatelight.jpg

 No. Description 
 1 Control unit with warning lights 
 2 Dashpod display
 1 IVA approved - Light kit:
 2 - 5.3/4" Headlights
 2 - Rear tail lights - Stop, Trail, Indicator & reflector
 2 - Front indicators
 2 - Side Repeators
 1 - Fog Light
 1 - Reverse Light
 1 - Numberplate light

Joyrider wing mirrors

Joyrider wing mirrors suitable for on and off road use.


Joyrider Tow hitch

Joyrider tow hitch, this bolts onto the front of the buggy, lifting the front wheels off the ground for eaisy towing.


Slim line racing steering wheel & boss


Aluminium Radiator

Radiator upgrade suitable for any engine upto 2000cc, this is supplied with water proof fan.

aluminium-radiator-1.jpg joyrider-rad-and-expansion-.jpg

Aluminium Roof


 Click here to see all Joyrider parts & accessories 

Frequently asked Questions

Is the price shown at the top of the webpage the complete price of the buggy?
No, the price at the top of the website page is for the rolling chassis only, which includes all the parts, excluding the engine. This gives you the option to get a virtually complete buggy and fit you own engine. (Blitzworld offer an engine fitting service).

Can I buy the buggy already built and read for the road ?
Yes, Blitzworld are currently custom build Joyrider buggies to order with virtually any engine, bike or car.

Can you fit a bike engine ?
Yes, due to the configuration of the chassis it lends its self well to take any engine including a motor bike engine.

Is the Joyrider buggy road legal ?
Yes the Joyrider is road legal, but you have to hold a current car driving licence to drive it on the public highways including motorways.

Do I have to buy a donor car?
No, due to the NEW rolling chassis kit, the donor parts are included in this initial price.

Do you have to have a licence to drive the buggy off road?
No, for off road use you do not have to have a licence. If you want to drive on green lanes around the country you do have to have a licence and the buggy needs to be road legal.

How safe is the buggy on & off road ?
Due to the wide selection of engines available for the buggy we have made the Joyrider from CDS tube making the chassis roll cage very strong. The buggy design offers the driver and passenger a complete roll cage with a front and rear crumple zones. Also driver air bag options are available.

Does the buggy have to go through SVA / IVA ?
Yes, the buggy has to go through the government approved SVA (single vehicle approval) New test IVA, testing which affects most kit cars on the road today. The test costs about £450 and once passed the vehicle does not require a MOT for 3 years.

Can I build some of the buggy myself and Blitzworld to complete the build ?
Yes, you can take the build to any stage and we can complete the remainder of the buggy build to Off or road legal status if as required, helping to keep costs to a minimum.

Do you have to put the buggy on a trailer to take it to a track day?
No, due to the light weight of the buggy, we can supply a tow hitch that bolts under the front of the buggy lifting the front wheels off the ground, and then the buggy can be towed like a trailer. If you register your buggy as road legal you can then drive the buggy to and from the track day events.

manual_7.jpg Click here to order the Joyrider Manual.

How to order

The price at the top of the website page is for the Joyrider Sport rolling chassis which includes the parts listed and your engine fitted. The following options allows you to tailor your requirements to suit your own budget. All the joyrider parts are available on the blitzworld website including the base chassis only.

joyrider-sport-140.jpg joyrider-sport-1.jpg

Tips - How to Order
We have made  building the Joyrider eaisier by offering just a few simple options. Click onto the drop down option boxes at the bottom of this page to select options available.
(1) - Chassis
(2) - Engine
(3) - Wiring Loom