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Quadzilla® MIDI RV II (150cc) [age 8+]

Quadzilla® MIDI RV II (150cc) [age 8+]
Quadzilla® MIDI RV II (150cc) [age 8+]

£1,329.17 ex VAT
£1,595.00 inc VAT
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Quadzilla® MIDI RV II (150cc) [age 8+]
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Quadzilla MIDI RV II


(4 strap seatbelt available - factory fitted by Blitzworld)

This is a very good buggy for kids and adults. It has good ground clearance, excellent headroom and a 3 point race harness. We offer a 4 strap seat belt upgrade (see below for details). The seats are adjustable, for both kids and adults. The engine is well weatherproofed and has CVT transmission with REVERSE GEAR. They are press and go operation and thus very simple to drive and handle.

The buggy is fitted with front headlights, horn and a rear stop light. The buggy also has a red warning light on the dash to indicate when the buggy is in reverse.

This buggy is recommended for 12 years +. Blitzworld (as an approved buggy manufacturer) can offer a seat & throttle modification to accommodate children from as young as 8 years (please call for details). 

Black Midi RV II (with upgraded seatbelts)

Blitzworld Factory Fitted - uprated Quadzilla Midi RV Seat belts fitted - 4 strap belt.
new 2010 / 2011 (mkII) model
 midi-rv-reverse-lever.gif midi-rv-start-switch.gif
Kill switch                                         Reverse selector                          Key Start & Lights


  • ENGINE: 150cc 4 stroke air cooled
  • GEARS: CVT automatic with REVERSE
  • SUSPENSION: double wish bone
  • START: electric
  • BRAKES: triple disc brakes

  • Dimensions (approx)

  • 1300mm wide
  • 2300mm long
  • 1500mm high
  • Weight 220 Kgs

  • The All-Terrain Motor Vehicles (Safety) Regulations 1989

     Blitzworld also offers
     UK Kit Car Manufacturer & designer
     Low car insurance - Blitzworld Insurance approved
     1 Year warranty
     Own Transport services for delivery & servicing
     On site work shops (open 7 days)
     Insurance approved repairer
     Fabrication shop for any vehicle modifications required
     Membership to Owners club for Track days @ end of every month



    For Delivery price, please call: Blitzworld on 01782 208050

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