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(Vig-01) Running Gear (standard)

(Vig-01) Running Gear (standard)
(Vig-01) Running Gear (standard)

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(Vig-01) Running Gear (standard)
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Running Gear for Rolling Chassis

The following parts convert the basic chassis into a rolling chassis ready for the wheels to be fitted allowing the buggy to be easily moved around. The kit includes all NEW parts except the front hubs that are (factory) reconditioned.

1   - Steering rack
2   - Track rod ends
1   - Steering column
2   - Steering column bearings
2   - Bearing housings
2   - Front hubs (reconditioned)
4   - Brake Discs
16 - Wheel Bolts
2   - Lower front arms
2   - Lower arm cleats (reconditioned)
1   - Packet fixing Bolts
Steering Wheel
Steering Wheel Boss