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KIT 21 - IVA VOSA test Road Legal

KIT 21 - IVA VOSA test Road Legal
KIT 21 - IVA VOSA test Road Legal

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KIT 21 - IVA VOSA test Road Legal
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The VOSA IVA test is required to make your buggy road legal, so it can be issued with a UK numberplate and then drive on the roads.
To take out all the hassel and paperwork of doing the IVA test yourself, we can offer a package where we will do all the nessary paperwork, advise on what needs to be done on the vehicle and take it to the VOSA station for the IVA test on your behalf.
The Process
The VOSA IVA (individual Vehicle Approval) test date has to be applied for and requires an initial form to be filled out and sent to VOSA with the test fee PAID. VOSA then process this form and confirms a TEST date. This can sometimes be weeks from the application date due to how busy they are. It is a good idea to get this process done when you start building your buggy, and then you can postpone the test date if required.
On the test date we will take your buggy from Blitzworld (Stoke) to the Derby test centre and VOSA will then do their test to check that the vehicle is safe and complies to their regulations including emissions which is currently at 0.4 CO2 for new vehicles.
At the end of the test which can take upto 100 minutes, it will PASS or FAIL.
if the vehicle FAILS the test, they will make a detailed list of all the failings, which can be anything from a incorrect fitted nut and bolt or emmsions that are too high. You then have a few days to rectify these issues and then return the buggy for a retest. There is a re test fee incurred by VOSA.
If the vehicle passes 1st time, to which most of our buggies do, then the next stage of the process is required. A pass certificate will be presented to us at the end of the test and then this has to be sent to the DVLA who issue the numberplate.
A DVLA application form has to be filled out with other supporting information and has to be sent to the DVLA at Swansea.
Information required
Insurance Cetrificate (against the chassis number)
Driving Licence
Utility Bill (with your name & address on)
A registration fee will be charged for this service by the DVLA who will confirm this price on application based off emmsions and newness of vehicle.