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(Vig-14) - IVA test (2015 Latest)

(Vig-14) - IVA test (2015 Latest)
(Vig-14) - IVA test (2015 Latest)

£1,250.00 ex VAT
£1,500.00 inc VAT
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(Vig-14) - IVA test (2015 Latest)
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IVA test (Buggy Registration for Road Use)

Blitzworld can now take care of the IVA test to allow your Vigilante buggy to be put on the road. This includes all the necessary paperwork and chassis numbers and booking in of the test.

Once the build is nearing completion will will set the paperwork in motion and issue the relavant chassis numbers and send the information off to VOSA for acceptance and then to obtain a test date.

From the knowledge of putting buggies through this test we now know what they are looking for to make the vehicle safe and pass the test to get a NEW registration. This fee does not include the preparation of the buggy for the test.

VOSA and the DVLA are government run organisations, and issue appointments to suit there work load requirements. From putting the paperwork in to getting a test date can be a few weeks or a few months.

Once a vehicle has a date set, Blitzworld take the vehicle to the local test station on that day and the test takes about 2 to 3 hours. The test is quite involved and looks at every aspect of the vehicle including, wiring, fuel system, position of clips, body panels, emissions etc.

If the vehicle passes the test first time, then Blitzworld has to then issue documents to the DVLA to get the number plate from the pass certificate. This can take another 2 weeks. For this process the buggy will need to be Insured against the chassis number and the fee includes tax for 1 year.

The IVA test fee includes:

Initial IVA Test
DVLA Registration & 12 months Tax up to 2 litre
Paperwork to VOSA
Paperwork to DVLA
Chassis number for buggy
Blitzworld ID Chassis Plate for buggy
Taking buggy to & from Test <> (90 miles)
The Test procedure takes about 4 - 5 hrs

The test will take about half a day, if any problems are flagges up then they will have to be rectified and the buggy returned for a small retest. There is an additional charge by VOSA for the retest. Once complete and passed the buggy will be returned to Blitzworld with the relevant documentation.


If the buggy fails the test, a retest date will need to be booked in and the faults rectified. The usual fail points are emissions, noise or brakes (usually not bedded in enough). There is a re test fee from the DVLA.
Re Test Fee