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Vigilante - Acewell Dashpod

Vigilante - Acewell Dashpod
Vigilante - Acewell Dashpod

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Vigilante - Acewell Dashpod
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Universal Dashpod

This is a universal dashpod suitable for the Blitzworld road legal buggies. It is IVA approved and has a built in fuel gauge, which other dash pods do not have. The displace is just one colour and is simple in design and features.


Max temperature
2 trip meters and odometer
Maximum and Average speeds
Riding timer and hour meter
12/24 hour clock
Voltmeter 8-25v
Bar Tachometer 250-8000 / 500-16000 RPM
Digital Tachometer 10-19900 RPM
Speedometer 2.4-399.9 KMH / 248.5 MPH
Digital temperature meter 50-180C / 122-356F
Bar temperature meter, 1-7 bar graphic
Bar fuel meter works with 100 / 250 / 500 ohm senders
only displays if sender is connected

The surround lights

Main Beam
Rear Fog
Brake Warning lamp

Note: lights may change to suit IVA requirements)