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Vigilante - Aluminium petrol tank V4

Vigilante - Aluminium petrol tank V4

£325.00 ex VAT
£390.00 inc VAT
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Aluminium Custom built Fuel tank with built in swirl pot

This is the latest Vigilante Aluminium Petrol Tank from Blitzworld, with built in internal swirl pot / baffles and return and breather ports. It is suitable for use with external fuel pump. The tank has 4 rubber mounts for stability and tank strap option.

See options for a VDO fuel gauge.

(7 Gallons)


1 tank aluminium tank (for external fuel pump - not included).
1 built in swirl pot and baffles
1 Filler neck 2" dia.
1 Breather.
1 Return.
Petrol Cap
Filler Pipe
Fuel Gauge