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Vigilante Sport Buggy SKX (self build)

Vigilante Sport Buggy SKX (self build)
Vigilante Sport Buggy SKX (self build)

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Vigilante Sport Buggy SKX (self build)
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Vigilante SKX

The new Vigilante SKX is a self build kit, allowing you to have any engine and customise the buggy and build budget to your requirements. We have broken up all the individual parts into separate kits that make building the buggy eaisier and buying what you want when you want. If you get stuck we are also happy to help in installing engines, chassis modifications, fitting wiring looms or getting the buggy registered for the road.

The Vigilante SKX offers you a high performance vehicle for both On and Off road use, including track day, due to its range of wheels available the buggy offers standard 19 inch road wheels to 12 inch ATV alloy wheels with block tread tyres, for putting down the power off road.


The Vigilante SKX can also be built for off road use only, and made road legal at a later stage if required.


The Hoverforce Off Road Buggy

Blitzworld are now officially recognised by the DVLA as a British Car Manufacturer. Henceforth, all newly registered buggies from Blitzworld will go onto a new number plate, and as a consequence no MOT for 3 years. Blitzworld can road register your buggy for you saving all the paperwork hassle.
Blitzworld has over 15 years experience in the design and development of buggies, constantly upgrading and streamlining production to arrive at the new VIGILANTE with its wealth of customisable options.


As avialble accross our buggy range the VIGILANTE can be customised to suit every budget and application, from daily commuting to off road driving, high speed track days to desert racing.


  • Light weight high powered vehicle.
  • CAD designed.
  • IVA approved.
  • New number plate.
  • Over 15 years of Blitzworld development & testing.
  • Constantly updated design.
  • Jig built construction.
  • Very strong tubular British steel chassis.
  • 30mm thick plated rear suspension arms.
  • Custom built high performance adjustable front and rear suspension.
  • Excellent power to weight ratio.
  • Utilisation of any car or bike engine.
  • Parts readily available World wide.
  • Parts also very cost effective.
  • Cheap to run.
  • Very good MPG due to weight.

(with block tread tyres fitted)
Length 3000mm
Width 1800mm
Height 1600mm
Weight approx. 500 to 650 Kgs (depending on engine)

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