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Vigilante Sport - Honda Type-R - Road Legal - Factory Built

Vigilante Sport - Honda Type-R - Road Legal - Factory Built
Vigilante Sport - Honda Type-R - Road Legal - Factory Built

£24,995.83 ex VAT
£29,995.00 inc VAT
Availability: Please Call for Deals

Vigilante Sport - Honda Type-R - Road Legal - Factory Built
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Vigilante Sport Honda Type-R      ROAD LEGAL

Blitzworld are now offering a factory built Vigilante Sport complete with a brand new 2 litre Ford Focus engine 130 bhp, road registered on a NEW number plate. The buggy is built to order and can be customised to suit your requirements. The buggy is designed for On and Off road use with its high performance suspension and ATV tyres. Road wheels and tyres can also be fitted offering a smoother ride with high performance tyres.


The two litre Honda Type-R engine offers 220 bhp standard and can be tuned easily to 240+ with the mapping software included. The buggies are fitted with DTA engine management systems that replaces the existing ECU, and allows the user to tune and modify the engine map from their own laptop. The Honda Type-R engine is our most popular engine due to its; reliability, light weight, accessibility of parts, standard power and torque. The buggy offers a 0-60 mph of about 3 seconds and a top speed of 160 mph +. The insurance is low as Blitzworld is a registered buggy manufacturer and insurance starts at about £300.00.


All the Blitzworld Vigilante buggies have our own NASCAR styled chassis design, which is very strong in the event of a roll over or impact. The buggies comes with high performance adjustable FOX Nitrogen damped rear suspension, and front Mc Pherson struts. The wheels are Bronco 12" alloy wheels with deep tread 12" ATV tyres (E marked road legal). The petrol tank is aluminium with built in swirl pot and baffles, and external high pressure fuel pump and filters. For cooling we have a custom built Aluminium radiator with built in reservoir and SPALL water proof fan.


The Vigilante chassis can accommodate virtually any engine, but we have made thrtee standard versions with Ford, Honda and Fiat.

  • Brand NEW FORD Zetec 2 Litre Engine
  • 5 or 6 speed Gearbox 
  • Light weight buggy about 500kg (depending on spec)
  • Excellent power to weight ratio
  • CAD designed
  • Jig Built Construction
  • IVA & VOSA approved
  • Registered British Car Manufacturer
  • Over 15 years of Blitzworld & On Track development
  • High grade British Steel, Tube 42mm diameter, 4mm thick
  • Custom built 30mm thick & plated rear suspension arms
  • Nitrogen damped Rear FOX adjustable suspension
  • Adjustable custom made front struts
  • DTA engine management offering - self diagnose & tune engine
  • Spare parts Standard & readily available all over the World
  • Cost effective to run
  • Low maintenance
  • Registered on a NEW Number plate
  • 3 Year Chassis warranty
  • 1 Year Parts warranty