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Vigilante Road Legal Buggy - (factory built)

Vigilante Road Legal Buggy - (factory built)
Vigilante Road Legal Buggy - (factory built)

Availability: Call for Details

Vigilante Road Legal Buggy - (factory built)
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Vigilante Sport Buggy (from 120 to 220bhp+)
Launched at Goodwood Festival of Speed

ROAD LEGAL - (Brand NEW registration Plate)


The new factory built Vigilante Sport buggy is a very high powered factory built road legal buggy from Blitzworld. The Vigilante offers you a high performance vehicle for use On road, Off road and also track day use. We have two standard engines available, the Saxo VTS 16v 120 bhp or the 2 litre 220 bhp Honda Type R engine, which offers excellent power to weight ration. The buggy offers a 0-60 in about 3 seconds and top speed over 170 mph (Honda Type R engine). (other engines are available).


Due to the new recent expansion of Blitzworld, we are now offically recognised by the DVLA as a British Car Manufacturer. Henceforth, all newly registered buggies from Blitzworld will go onto a new numberplate, and as a consequence no MOT for 3 years.

Clear uncluttered floor foot wells for Safety.
Blitzworld has over 15 years experience in the design and development of buggies, constantly upgrading and streamlining production to arrive at the new VIGILANTE with its wealth of customisable options. Please call or visit us at our Staffordshire factory and to have a drive. The Vigilante can be supplied as a kit for self build if required (see Vigilante SKX).

From extensive development and testing the Blitzworld buggy has crash crumple zones built into the chassis making it very strong. We totally redeveloped the buggy from the existing car due to when you start to lighten a existing vehicle then you tend to push the car harder, thus we only use new components on all NEW builds.

New moulded side panels

As avialble accross our buggy range the VIGILANTE factory built can be customised to suit every budget and application, from daily commuting to off road driving, high speed track days to desert racing.

New rear moulded light clusters.

The Vigilante buggy has being developed over 10 years from the previous designs of buggy from the KR2, KR3, Joyrider, Joyrider Sport etc. The buggy is CAD designed, IVA tested, and tested to destruction by Blitzworld on our 2500 acre track day venues around the country, putting the buggy through conditions where 4x4's cannot go.

CAD generated layout of buggy

Blitzworld a wealth of options and budgets for the Vigilante buggy, the buggy can be self build or part factory built, we also supply components brand new already ready to fit to the buggy, making self build very easy.

vigilante rear arm
Rear lower arm painted and ready to fit complete with disc and caliper


Vigilante Honda Type R
  • Light weight
  • CAD designed
  • IVA approved
  • Over 15 years of Blitzworld development
  • Jig built construction
  • Tube 42mm diameter, 4mm thick
  • Custom built 30mm thick & plated rear suspension arms
  • Custom build high performance adjustable front and rear suspension
  • Excellent power to weight ratio
  • Utilisation of a light weight powerful car engine
  • Spare parts are readily available World wide and cost effective
Blitzworld offers several versions of the Vigilante buggy this page cover the Honda type R specification, which is completely factory built at our Staffordshire based unit, and can be personalised and modified to suit your requirements and budget.

Vigilanti Honda Type R Specification.

The factory built Vigilante comes with a high specification as standard. All vehicles are customisable, please call for details.
 1 Chassis
  High grade steel tubular chassis construction
  CAD designed
  Jigged Constructed
  Rear arms 30mm plated steel & bushed
  Front and rear crumple zones
  IVA approved design
  DVLA approved design - Registered British manufacturer
  All New road legal Vigilante buggies go onto NEW nunberplate
  5 year chassis warranty
 2 Suspension
  Full Independant suspension
  Front custom built coil over struts with adjustable springs
  Rear custom built coil over adjustable nitrogen FOX struts with rebound damping
  Rear arm 80x40 box welded to 30mm solid plated & bushed arm
 3 Engine
  Saxo VTS 1.6 16v or Honda Tyre R 220 bhp
  Stainless Steel Exhaust with cat included for Road use.
  Uprated custom built - Polybushed engine mounts
  Uprated - Omex ECU management system
  Self programmable engine mapping from laptop
  Purpose built complete high spec wiring loom
  Waterproof switches & controls
  Digital dashpod
  Keyless ignition
 4 Brakes
  Disc Brakes all round
  Split circuit hydraulic brakes
  Adjustable bias (front and rear)
  Race Pedal Box
  Hydraulic clutch
 5 Wheels & Tyres
  12" polished Alloy wheels
  12" Block Tread tyres 6 ply (road legal) 
  Option - 15" ally road wheels & tyres also available
  Option - Any stud pattern available for vitrually any wheel fitment
 6 Lights 
  Full Road legal lights available
  Rear twin lights combined including Fog & reverse
  Headlights with combined driving LED lights and indicators
 7 Ancllaries
  Aluminium Fuel tank with built in swirl pot
  Lockable aluminium fuel cap
  Remote high pressure fuel pump
  Aluminium Radiator
  Waterproof Spal cooling fan
  Aluminium Expansion bottle with built in overflow
 8 Road Legal
  Full IVA detachable body kit with mudguards
  All Blitzworld Factory built buggies go onto a NEW numberplate
  No MOT for first 3 years (new car)
  Low insurance
  Registered British Car manufacturer


The Vigilante buggy has being specially designed with rollover, front and rear crash driver protection safety built in. From looking at other kits on the market that are designed from old replicas, the safety has not being increased from the original design, they tend to be chassis that suit the body work and thus accident protection is virtually non existent.

Over the years of Blitzworld developing buggies and hitting, trees, and roll overs, we have seen how the buggies have bent and thus redesigned and strengthened them and adhered to latest standards of IVA to make possibly the strongest Kit car chassis on the market, made from 42mm tube.

Safety Features:

IVA approved chassis design
Fully integrated roll cage
Side Impact Bars
Front and Rear crumple zones
Registered design

Race bucket seats for support
FIA seat runners with 300mm movement for driver comfort
TRS 5 Point harness with quick adjust straps.
Braced seatbelt anchor points (reinforced)
Split bias Braking (twin system)
Disc Brakes all round
Brakes work independently of engine
Isolated Petrol Tank
Radiator protected within roll cage
Isolated Expansion bottle with pressure release valve
Engine cut off

For more details and prices please contact us email: or phone: 01782 208050 or visit our unit in Staffordhire for a test drive.
Road Legal
Drive position