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KIT 07b - Honda Type-R engine

KIT 07b - Honda Type-R engine
KIT 07b - Honda Type-R engine

£2,995.00 ex VAT
£3,594.00 inc VAT
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KIT 07b - Honda Type-R engine
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The Honda Type-R engine is one of the best buggy engines you can use. It is very well made, parts are readily available due to the amount of people who race these engines and there are lots of specialists to offer tuning parts.
The engine is light weight and offers 200 bhp standard. We sometimes use the origional ECU or change to DTA engine management and this allows us to tune the engine further from a standard computer with a link cable (the software is free to download).
Due the reliability and good pedigree of this engine, they tend to be expensive. We recommend to go for a good low milage engine with gearbox and all the bits you need.
USED engine & Box
1 off - Honda Type-R engine (low milage)
1 off - Engine Manifold
1 off - Engine Loom
1 off - 6 speed Gearbox
1 off - NEW Clutch
2 off - Drive Shafts
1 off - Catalitical Converter
2 off - Lamber sensors