Blitzworld as a Kit car manufacturer, have secured low insurance premiums with the following companies. Please inform the insurance company that you are part of the Blitzworld Owners club on getting a quotation, this will also give you a extra discount on your buggy insurance as well as your own existing car insurance. (Blitzworld will send your unique Owners club number direct to the insurance company). 

Adrian Flux - 08000 838833 (use code D29) 

Adrian Flux have worked with Blitzworld to give some of the best quotes on the market for the Blitzworld range of buggies, cick on the banner to link to there site or give them a call on 08000 838833 (free from a landline), if phone from a mobile delete the 1st zero 8000 838833.


Bikesure - 0800 089 8070 (use code G2813) 

Bike Sure is part of Adrian Flux and specialise in the ATV buggies.


Graham Sykes - 0845 1300 231

Graham Sykes are a typical Kit Car Insurance company and specialise in ATV and Kit Cars.


Osbourne & Sons - 0845 330 6001

Osborne insurance are another Kit Car Insurance company and do specialist insurance

Sure Term Direct - 0800 9992030 or 0845 2020230

Sure Term are another Specialist Kit Car Insurance Company